We Make HASTE encourages people to act to provide a safe and prosperous place for their children and grandchildren to live. In other words, we’re all about sustainability.

Sustainability is about acting in ways that consider conditions that will exist next year, 10 years from now, 30 years from now and even a hundred years from now. We know that we can’t precisely predict the future. But, we can plan for it and continuously adjust that plan as conditions and knowledge change. Achieving a sustainable conditions requires that humankind works towards that goal. Otherwise, increasing competition for resources is likely inevitable.

Sustainability is about more than just the environment. Sustainability is also about society and economics and people. We Make HASTE wants people to be smart about how their actions impact society, the economy, and the environment.

The world is a complex place. Things are often interconnected in unexpected ways. We need to recognize interconnections and act responsibly with them in mind. And, we need to look out for unintended consequences of our actions.

Problems can’t be solved overnight and changing too quickly can result in social and economic problems. But, if millions of people make small changes in how they do things, and continuously look for other small changes they can make to support sustainability, a big transition towards sustainability can occur. However, the longer we wait to take appropriate steps, the harder it will become to ultimately reach a sustainable society. So, please join us and make HASTE!