Significance Of 3D BIM Clash Detection In Construction Projects

BIM Clash Detection Service is considered one of the most critical and crucial aspects of any construction project. The main goal of Building Information Modeling is to ensure that all the elements of the building are in harmony and do not collide at any stage of the construction process. So, in order to ensure and maintain the accuracy of the project throughout the construction process, BIM Clash Detection Services play a vital role as it is considered as a link between Shareholders, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors, thus ensuring a smooth construction process with no errors.

Clash Detection means when any two components of the same or different elements of the building collide or conflict with each other at some point of time in the construction process. Clash Detection makes sure that all the elements are in their place and in harmony, by making all the components compatible with each other. In this blog, we will discuss how 3D BIM Clash Detection helps contractors, engineers, and architects to carry out an error-free construction project.

Clash happens when the same components of different models occupy the same space and it can be a geometric or schedule-based clash. Geometric Clash occurs when for example pipes pass through walls and Schedule based clash happens when the changes are not reflected in other drawings in which the components have occupied the same space. For this to change, a 3D BIM Model can be of great help to resolve those clashes and rectify the conflicts very quickly. 3D BIM Clash Detection software helps to save money and man-hours that reduces the overall cost of the project and time as well.

3D BIM Clash Detection Using Autodesk REVIT | Clash Detection

Now let us understand some types of clashes and how they affect the construction process. Clashes mainly occur when there is :

  • The intersection of elements of different departments in the same space
  • No extra space around the hardware components for maintenance purposes
  • The conflict between workflow and facilities scheduling

Here are the types of BIM Clash Detection that generally occur in a construction project :

Hard Clash

Hard Clash occurs due to geometry-based issues when more than one component occupies the same space. For example when a conflict arises between a duct and a pipe, or any two objects of different building components. They are identified by BIM Software like Navisworks that excludes some mistakes that are common in the designs of two different building components which is quite difficult nowadays to detect through traditional methods of construction as it may take more time to detect the conflict.

A Hard Clash  | BIM Clash Detection Using Autodesk REVIT

Soft Clash

When an object is placed where there is little or no geometrical space, and another component is also given space around that object, the cushion zone is breached and a soft clash occurs. When there is a requirement for maintenance in the HVAC framework and there is no space for the workers to carry out the maintenance work, a soft clash occurs. Navisworks can help in identifying these soft clashes before the construction process takes place and give the solutions as per the applicable rules and regulations.

Workflow Clash

This type of Clash occurs when there is a mistake in scheduling, sequencing, material delivery, or in general workflow timeline. It might not affect the construction process directly but will create an adverse impact on the project timeline. It hampers workflow efficiency by creating a domino impact, thus making the whole construction process standby. Navisworks helps to identify the gaps in the scheduling conflicts and streamlines the project.

One of the core fundamentals of Building Information Modeling is to detect clashes and give solutions for those clashes at an early stage of the construction process. With the help of modern and computer-aided 3D modeling, chances of last-minute changes and problems in different models and designs are wiped out. Thus it helps to save a lot of time and cost by executing the BIM Execution Plan in all construction projects. On the other hand, traditional or conventional drawings involve lots of manual work which is time-consuming and thus creates a chance of construction conflicts and lack of coordination as well. So it is clear that 3D BIM Clash Detection has allowed the contractors and owners to have proper control over the project without bearing the project losses.

Conclusion :

By reading the above-mentioned points, it might be clear to you now that 3D BIM Clash Detection holds great significance in all types of construction projects. It has changed the whole working scenario of the construction process because of the accuracy that it provides which eliminates the need to rework any part of the building. This will increase productivity and reduce the overall cost of the project. So, it’s highly recommended that you use 3D BIM Clash Detection for your next construction project.

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