Q: Where should I start the process of living more sustainably?

A: You can start wherever you are by choosing to make any action more sustainable.  A great place to start is at home. Browse the Act – At Home page to get ideas about what you can do.

Q: Where can I find more information about sustainability?

A: This website has basic information about sustainability, ideas for how to act more sustainably and reasons for wanting to do so.  This website also provides links to other organizations’ websites and a list of books about sustainability.

Q: Where can I shop sustainably?

A: There are many places that you can shop sustainably.  Sustainability is more about what you buy then where you buy it.  Shopping online makes it so that you don’t have to travel to shop.  But, the items you buy online may require more shipping and packaging than if you are able to stop at a store that is along a route where you already would have been.  Shop where you can buy local products with minimal packaging.

Browse the Act – Shopping page to get ideas about what you can do.

Q: Where can I travel sustainably?

A: There are many places that you can go sustainably, though you should offset the carbon footprint of your mode of travel.  You should consider that social and economic sustainability of your travel in addition to its environmental impacts. Go places where you will appreciate nature and culture.  This will give you incentive to act more sustainbly.

Q: Where can I go out to eat sustainably?

A: Look for restaurants that serve local food and produce that is in season, and those that promote “farm to fork.” Also, look for restaurants that engage in sustainable practices. There are many websites to help us find restaurants and food providers that engage in sustainability practices. One such websites is https://www.organicrestaurants.com where you simply type in your zip code and the organization Local Harvest will give you a list of restaurants and other food providers in your area. Another website is https://www.organicrestaurants.com/ which also lists restaurants and food providers in your area. A website which allows you to find nearby vegan and vegetarian restaurants is https://www.happycow.net/. One app that helps to find restaurants or grocery stores serving foods from local, ethical and sustainable suppliers is the Greenease App. The Green Restaurant Association and the Sustainable Restaurant Association are two associations that also provide some listings and ratings to sustainable restaurants.

Q: Where can I observe the impacts of unsustainable activity?

A: It is easy to spot unsustainable activity when you ask yourself a few simple questions to evaluate the long-term impacts of such activities. When you pick up an everyday object or product, think about its origin. Did it come from very far away? How much energy, water, and resources do you think it took to produce it, and are they easily replenished or replaced? And how many uses will you get out of it? This can be practiced in the store, as well as at home. You can also ask the same questions whether you are performing chores or you are thinking of recreational activities.