A great way to reduce how much of you send to the landfill is to compost. It can improve the soil in your garden. It isn’t smelly or difficult. Sometimes you can put compostable food in with your yard waste, though it depends on your waste management system – always check before doing so. If you can’t put the food scraps into your yard waste, you can compost in containers. There are composting systems that work for urban apartment life. If you have yard space, you can even just do it in the ground. So start collecting your coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable scraps, paper, and so much more.


  • Check if you can put any types of compostable materials in with your green yard waste
  • Collect compost either for disposal with yard waste or for home composting
  • Learn to compost at home, in the ground, or in a compost bin
  • Resources:
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