Maintaining your home is a critical aspect of sustainability. If you notice a small sign that water is leaking from a pipe or your roof, don’t delay getting it fixed. It you catch it early, you might just have a small repair bill. If you wait too long, you might find hidden damage that results in more costs and more damaged material going to the landfill. If an appliance isn’t working correctly, try to get it repaired. Even though it might cost half of the cost of a new one to get it fixed, at least it’ll keep it out of the landfill. If it’s an old inefficient appliance, it may be more sustainable to replace it and to try to find a way to get the old one recycled. From paint to pest control, protecting the condition of your home makes it last longer. So, keep up with the maintenance and look for environmentally responsible products to do it.


  • Repair rather than replace
  • Monitor your home and maintain it so that problems are caught and dealt with early to avoid costs, damages, and waste
  • Get a reusable filter for you ventilation system and keep it clean
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