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What you do at work and how you do it can make a big difference to how sustainable your personal actions are. Additionally, you may have opportunities at work to influence how others in your industry act and even how your industry becomes more sustainable.

The actions that many people can do at work are similar to the actions they can do at home. Reduce waste – use a reusable cup instead of a disposable one, bring your lunch from home in reusable containers, recycle as much as possible.

There may be opportunities for you to have much greater impact at work. If you can find ways that your organization can save money while acting more sustainably, you could be rewarded for your ideas. Maybe you’ll come up with such great ideas for how your business can act more sustainably, that you’ll start your own company to implement your ideas. The potential for growth in businesses that focus on sustainable products is increasing as more and more people strive to live more sustainably.

Think about opportunities to reduce energy use and waste at work. Are there ways that you can reduce commute and other business travel? In person meetings can have tremendous value, but many times the same things can get accomplished using web conferencing or other technology to share information. Often, the time workers spend traveling could be spent more productively.

Explore the various topics about sustainability at work. See which of the actions you can take. If you have other ideas, please let us know so that we can share those, too.

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