TEA Parties

A TEA party is both the traditional get-together for tea and treats as well as a conversation about Thinking, Exploring, and Acting on sustainability. At a TEA party you serve sustainably grown tea and treats (check out the Join Us for TEA page). Plan gathering without plastic utensils or paper napkins. While you enjoy your tea and snacks, talk about sustainability – exchange ideas about what it means to you. What actions align with it and support it? Talk about current events. Talk about big issues and little issues. Help each other come up with a plan to live more sustainably! Who can you think of, in your own circles or outside, that could help you build momentum toward a more sustainable society? Invite them to TEA. If you’d like, you can hold TEA parties on a regular basis by starting a WeMakeHASTE club at your school, office, or place of worship.


  • Identify a group of participants
  • Research and brainstorm ideas you could share
  • Meet for TEA!
  • Decide on an action you can take to live more sustainably
  • Resources:
    Talking with Friends About Climate Change
    How to talk about Sustainability
    Business Talk about Sustainability

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