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Many different environmental actions can fall into the category of sustainable practices. Actions like recycling of materials, building and construction methods, land use, conservation of water and energy, protection of various species, and preservation of historic resources often include sustainability goals in their intent and implementation. Most of these same areas are under protection by government rules and regulations.

You might be asking …how can you make a difference? Every person can make a difference where sustainability is concerned and especially in relation to the role of our government. Here are a few suggestions:

RAISE AWARENESS and EDUCATE yourself and then friends and family on sustainability practices by joining forces with We Make HASTE to advance sustainability thinking and practices in our day to day lives!

GET ACTIVE in your local community! Make your voice heard by attending local political meetings and interest groups. VOTE! Get out the vote! Start an online blog to raise awareness. Promote understanding of local regulations that protect the environment and support those public servants who put emphasis on the importance of sustainability and that are working to promote resolutions and awareness on issues involving it.

SPEND your money with businesses that practice, support and use sustainable ideologies! Statistics show that consumer spending does influence marketing trends.

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