• Learn about what your community is already doing and encourage them to do more
  • Visit your local government’s website or go to a council or board meeting
  • Learn about local environmental justice organizations and movements and participate to build local political support
  • Understand measures related to sustainability in your local elections and vote responsibly on them
  • There are many things that local governments can do to promote sustainability. Local steps towards sustainability can be very effective and it’s relatively easy to get involved at the local level to encourage action. Here are examples of ways that local government can make a difference:

  • Establishing sustainable development and redevelopment plans and objectives:
    • Mixed use, mass transit oriented projects
    • Low energy and low water use standards
    • Affordable housing
    • Low Impact Development
    • Sustainable materials
  • Implementing alternative transportation solutions:
    • Light rail
    • Electric buses
    • Shuttle services
    • Bike lanes and trails
  • Commitments to sustainable government operations:
    • Installation of renewable power supplies
    • Transition to vehicles powered by renewable energy
    • Recycling & compost programs
  • Endorsement of greenhouse gas reduction plans that would be implemented at a state or national level
  • Resources:
    Sustainable City Examples
    Green Oceanside
    Local Government Commission

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