The government of the United States has enacted many laws that help achieve sustainability including:

  • Endangered Species Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • Clean Air Act
  • National Park Service Act
  • Responsible national government action to achieve an appropriate balance between the social, economic and environmental facets of sustainability upon which the well-being of future generations depends.


  • Tell your representatives that you want the government to implements measures to protect the planet that your children will inherit
  • Learn about how national securtiy is fundamentally dependent on global sustainability
  • Vote for representatives who understand the importance of limiting the impacts of sea level rise on coastal communities
  • Vote for representatives who understand that responding to an increasing frequency of floods and droughts will cost more than adopting legislation that results in sustainable actions by the government, corporations and individuals
  • Vote for representatives who understand that sustainability of agricultural and seafood production depends on clean water, a reasonably stable climate and limiting ocean acidification
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