States establish policies, legislation and regulations that influence every facet of sustainability. Here are some examples:

  • States set renewable energy objectives and can facilitate electrical grid modernization
  • Regional transportation systems are planned, built and maintained by states
  • Measures to provide sustainable water supplies for communities, agriculture and other industries depend on appropriate action at the state level
  • States can mandate requirements for sustainability objectives in buildings and infrastructure
  • States can implement cap and trade or carbon fee plans
  • Actions:

  • Communicate with your representatives and let them know that sustainability is important to you
  • Stay informed about statewide initiatives and support or oppose proposals based on environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Learn about state regulatory actions and let your representatives know that you want sustainable solutions
  • Consider the importance of state actions to achieve sustainability when you vote
  • Resources:
    Green CA
    Carbon Pricing
    Carbon Tax

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