- bike for short distances when possible

- try out bike trails and bike shares

Bicycles are an important component of transportation sustainability. Even if you use a bicycle that has a battery powered motor to assist you, its carbon footprint is trivial. It’s great that some people commute long distances on bicycles. But, we really can’t expect that to be typical. A lot more people use them to travel to and from bus stops and train stations to make the last mile or two manageable. Try to use a bicycle to commute occasionally. Try to use a bicycle for nearby errands when the weather permits. You might find out that you not only save gas, it also feels great to get out for some exercise. Your ability to safely commute or run errands on a bicycle depends on whether or not there are bike lanes or trails along your route. Check out cycle route options on travel apps. Test the route when traffic would be light. Of course, only try it if you feel that it’ll be safe. Maybe you can reduce your footprint by replacing some of your driving miles with a bicycle. Check out your communities plans for new and improved bike trails. They may have a plan for a route that you could use and it might get finished sooner if you go to a city council meeting to support it. Bike share systems are gaining popularity in many cities. You might be able to use one to help you make other mass transit options work.

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