Architectural BIM Services - Architectural BIM Consulting Services

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the leading provider of architectural bim modeling services, serving its clients since its inception. We have a team of highly skilled and qualified engineers, architects, designers who have rich domain expertise in providing BIM architectural services to clients in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the country. With our global presence in India and global offices, we have indeed completed and delivered more than 11000+ projects, and have more than 2500+ happy clients. No matter our clients are from whichever part of the world, we always develop the models keeping in mind the need and requirement of our clients and with that also the project stage along with the purpose of the model.

BIM Clash Detection Services

Clash detection and clash identifying is the core service that is required in every BIM projects. We have a team of qualified engineers who closely work with the clients and assist them in identifying BIM clash detection so as to avoid human mistakes and errors completely and that also effectively. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the prominent BIM outsourcing company that follows all the required software and international code that are required for the successful delivery of the entire BIM project.

We are the service provider that not only assists in delivering BIM clash detection services but also provides solutions that are needed and are included before the process of construction takes place. Here based on location, the construction sequence of the work is predefined and thus the need for this service is required the most. Having said this, contact us today to outsource your BIM project with us.


Point Cloud to BIM Services

Our point cloud to BIM services performs realistic models for as-built purposes. This service is undertaken for the redevelopment and refurbishment of the BIM projects. The point cloud modeling is widely undertaken and recognized to be one of the most perfect ways of delivering the work, as that of traditional surveys used as measuring tools. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the leading company that is known for providing accurate BIM consulting to its clients anywhere across the USA, and globally.

The 3D laser scanning technology is the latest form of service that captures the as-built details based on the environment. This data when received is imported in the form of data survey and for this, the software used is ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit. This entire process of the work is termed as point cloud to the 3D model. We have a team of versatile and experienced BIM modelers and BIM experts who very precisely convert all the point cloud data into virtual model so as to get the clarification and understanding. This service is more or less required for the renovation as well as recreation of an old building.


Scan to BIM Services

We provide a scan to BIM services with the help of the latest technology that helps in converting all the set of point cloud data and laser survey data in a sophisticated BIM model that is in the form of 3D models. This entire work is required for architects, retailers, surveyors, and contractors. We not only are masters in completing the BIM project with much accuracy but also are leading company that provides MEP scan to BIM services for majority of AEC companies, consulting engineers, MEP designers, and the team of personnel who are associated with the project.

All the BIM models created by our engineers are successful with the help of Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. Also, the raw data that is created is compiled from the fastest processing of the site with the information of the site data points and images. This is all one of the important aspects of scan to BIM services and process. With this said, contact us today and add wings to your dream project to convert them into reality with the varied process of works.


COBie Services

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie is the standard data format that is a must and also used for gathering the data that has information of a building during its design and construction phases. All the data, in BIM COBie service, is stored in digital forms and information that is subsequently being transferred to the operations and maintenance (O&M) team during facility management. We at Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the leading company that delivers COBie services as per the details shared by the clients and also by which the entire lifecycle of the building is depending.

COBie is the service that helps to capture and store important data that is related to the BIM project and has the details at the point of origin, i.e including the set of datasheets, equipment lists, warranties, guarantees, and list of spare parts and much. This piece of information plays a vital role and gives the information that shares the support operations, maintenance, and asset management once the building asset is been created in the service.


Levels of Development | LOD Services

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the one-stop destination for the delivery of effective and versatile levels of development services. It is the process that is undertaken by all the BIM modelers and engineers so as to achieve the building models with the help of 3D geometry. We offer all types of LOD services that are from LOD100 to LOD500. Using this set of services the completion of BIM services becomes way much faster and easier.

The entire BIM LOD services are the base for successful and result-oriented completion of BIM projects. This is possible only with the help of proper understanding and implementation of it. Below mentioned are a set of LOD services with its details.

  • LOD 100 - Concept Design
  • LOD 200 - Schematic Design
  • LOD 300 - Detailed Design
  • LOD 350 - Construction Documentation
  • LOD 400 - Fabrication & Assembly
  • LOD 500 - As-Built

We are one of the principals and foremost companies that is considered to be the first choice amongst its clients when it is with regards to BIM outsourcing company that is specialized in providing Architectural BIM services. We offer comprehensive bim engineering services to our clients globally. To have a 3D view of the building design, the undertaking of REVIT Architectural Services is considered. This overall will deliver the work which will replicate the overall geometric view of the design and the drawing. This stage further is drilled down more and this is in the form of validating the designs for any clashes, or interferences if any occurring. This concept of having a virtual representation of a building design or project always gives an advantage to the clients which makes them switch and shift their interest towards REVIT Architectural Services and along with that having them outsourced.

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC - Leading Architectural BIM Consulting Services Providers.

We have a team of equipped and endured BIM architects who have a rich understanding of operating the work on architectural BIM modeling projects. The years of experience we pertain have sphered the complete range of BIM services, and the ability of our work is that the team can endure the pressure of the project, which strives them to deliver qualitative and result-oriented deliverable of the project which are indeed one of the best sources with having BIM Architectural Services Providers.

We have been and are working with some of the renowned Architectural, Structural, and MEP firms globally who trust us in terms of delivering a proper set of REVIT Architectural Services for the project. Both our expertise and experience entirely lie in providing as well as developing detailed BIM models for various types of projects. With this said we have successfully worked on digital and modern BIM models for projects like residential and commercial buildings, hospitals and healthcare, universities and institutes, government buildings, malls, and a lot more.

Services Included in BIM Architectural Services

Below mentioned is a list of architectural BIM services offered by us.

Architectural Revit 3D Modeling
We have created and developed 3D models for a wide range of buildings, malls, community centers, sports complex, and a lot more for the architects, general contractors, subcontractors, owners, and other members who are part of the project and involved in the work of design and construction of the building and also communicates the details of the lifecycle of it. Architectural REVIT 3D Modeling enables for the modeling and construction of complete structures or portions of buildings, which is extremely valuable for all parties engaged in construction projects.

CAD Drafting to Architectural BIM Services
We serve our clients by giving the opinions and plans that are required for transferring CAD drafting services to architectural BIM services. With the help of AutoCAD 2D drawings, our team of architects and BIM modelers are capable enough to develop a 3D BIM model with much accuracy and precision. Also, our competency is in providing a well-coordinated and developed architectural BIM model that can be used for design validation as well as clash detection.

BIM Family Creation Services
We offer detailed and in-depth services for creating Revit family for all types of parametric as well as non-parametric Revit families. This includes Revit families for furniture, windows, and such that is part of the project.

Site Modeling
Our team of engineers and drafters is capable enough in creating topographical surfaces with different types of variations and elevations from the 2D CAD file. We have a team that can develop and create sites by adding elements that are required for the process of site modeling. It is further as per the project’s need and requirements the team creates existing and new site conditions that is entirely depending on the work related to the project.

4D and 5D BIM
We assist our clients in providing different levels of development and creating models with the help of adhering to its different steps and stages. Our expertise is in providing LOD services from LOD 100 to LOD 500 and it is depending on the need and requirements of the project. To add more values to the project we assist our clients in adding the 4D scheduling phase and Cost estimation phase which is 5D to deliver proper architectural modeling services to the clients as per the need of the project.

Revit Construction Documents
The team of architects and BIM modelers are capable enough to extract the full set of construction drawings from the given Revit BIM model. This process of work and model can further enhance and refine these drawings with the way of adding annotations and notes as per the details to complete the CD set. We offer precise and expeditious REVIT Construction Documents services.

Architectural Interior Modeling
The name of the service itself shares its details. The work of the team here is to provide the details of the services that play an important role in the process of interior modeling services. The work here includes detailed reports on interior walls, furniture, fixtures, ceiling, flooring, staircase, internal doors & windows, etc. with the material application. This source of work is always a helping hand for developing the bill of quantities (BOQs).

Scan to BIM
Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the one-stop leading provider of Scan to BIM services that offers a wide range of optional services to the clients. We have served our clients globally in extending them with the services of the point cloud to BIM services that are considered for the renovation and refurbishment of Old Residential and Commercial Buildings, Historical monuments, Old church or mosques, Bridge and tunnels, Train stations, Airports, etc.

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