“A supermarket in Amsterdam has an aisle with more than 700 grocery items — and no plastic”

“A supermarket in Amsterdam opened Wednesday with an aisle that has more than 700 grocery items — and no plastic. The store, Ekoplaza, said it is the first of its kind to have an entire aisle without plastic… Read More

“A Century-Old Dairy Ditches Cows For High-Tech Plant Milk”

“Both sides of my family were in the dairy business, so I was involved from a young age,” says Schwartz, now 83. “Since I was 6 years old, I would work for my father on weekends and vacations,… Read More

“20% of U.S. Diets Responsible for Almost Half of Country’s Food-Related Emissions, Study Finds”

“The study was the first to look at the environmental impact of individual diets in the U.S., and found that 20 percent of Americans account for 46 percent of the country’s food-related greenhouse-gas emissions. Seventy percent of the… Read More

“The food that goes bad in your fridge amounts to trillions of gallons of wasted water”

“Before you know it, the perishables are going bad at the back of the fridge. They’ll wind up in the trash, like so many other well-intentioned meals that never came to be. Your efforts to eat better have… Read More

“Study: Climate Change Threatens Major Crops in California”

“California currently provides two-thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts, but according to a new study published Tuesday, by the end of the century California’s climate will no longer be able to support the state’s major crops, including… Read More

“Here’s When (and Why) You Should Opt for Organic Groceries.”

“You will still get the same amount of healthy antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber from your produce that is not organic,” https://www.brit.co/should-you-shop-organic-foods/

“Author: Changing What You Eat Saves More Water Than Shorter Showers”

“How do you conserve water? Do you limit outside watering? Install water-saving appliances? Take shorter showers? All good strategies, but one thing you may not have thought about is changing your eating habits to conserve water.” http://www.kpbs.org/news/2018/mar/08/author-changing-what-you-eat-conserves-more-water-/

“Crops Engineered to Conserve Water Without Drop in Yield”

“A new technique enables crops to use water 25 percent more efficiently without compromising yield, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications. While agriculture already requires 90 percent of global freshwater, more will be… Read More

“To feed the nation, California farmers must adapt to a warming climate, study says”

“‘Understanding climate change and how it is impacting agriculture can help us develop relevant adaptation strategies and enhance agricultural resilience to climate risks,’ said Tapan Pathak, the lead author on the paper, which was published on Agronomy.” http://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/water-and-drought/article203139594.html

“Sustainable Seafood Week 2018: Restaurants and Hotels Join Together In Saving The Seas!”

“The Sustainable Seafood Week is a celebration of food and a venue for sharing the best practices in sustainable fisheries by various stakeholders. Where establishments come together on an open and dynamic platform, to discuss the status and… Read More