“San Francisco’s Tallest Building Makes Big Water Recycling Statement”

“Of particular interest to me, Salesforce Tower will also house the largest water recycling system in a commercial high-rise building in the United States. A black-water system will recycle all of the water used in the building to… Read More

“Natural gas killed coal – now renewables and batteries are taking over”

“Over the past decade, coal has been increasingly replaced by cheaper, cleaner energy sources. US coal power production has dropped by 44% (866 terawatt-hours [TWh]). It’s been replaced by natural gas (up 45%, or 400 TWh), renewables (up… Read More

“As A Massive Garbage Dump Closes In Brazil, Trash-Pickers Face An Uncertain Future”

“Brasilia’s government hasn’t decided what to do with the 44 million tons of trash that comprise the garbage mountain and are polluting the soil and water below. The dump is located on real estate with potentially enormous value.”… Read More

“Sustainable Shopping: Is it Possible to Fly Sustainably?”

While truly sustainable air travel isn’t currently possible, there are ways to fly that are less harmful than others. Here are some ideas to make your travel plans more sustainable. https://probonoaustralia.com.au/news/2018/01/sustainable-shopping-possible-fly-sustainably/

“This new Florida city will produce its own power and run self-driving buses”

“The city of the future will not be the cold metal domes or Mars settlements of science fiction movies. It will be a community of 19,500 homes surrounded by thousands of acres of green space and capable of… Read More

“How buyers can guard themselves from ‘greenwashing'”

“The practice is called “greenwashing,” and home shoppers need to be on guard: It means a house is being marketed as environmentally friendly and energy-saving when it doesn’t really deserve that description. Greenwashing is a growing issue in… Read More

“As L.A. soaks, USC Village puts stormwater collection system to use”

“The city of Los Angeles requires 85 percent of rainwater to be captured onsite. The USC Village system exceeds that, saving up to 95 percent.” https://news.usc.edu/131106/usc-village-saves-stormwater-during-l-a-s-first-downpour-of-the-season/

“World’s Largest Solar-Wind-Storage Plant Planned for India”

“A wind, solar and battery storage plant is being planned for the southeastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, which has faced power woes in recent months due to grid failure. The renewable energy facility will consist of 120… Read More

“If we act on climate change now, the economic prize will be immense”

“Climate negotiators are meeting in Bonn. Beyond the intricacies of the negotiations, here is one key thing to remember instead: about $1tn is already being invested in climate solutions, ranging from renewables and energy efficiency to public transport…. Read More

“Hong Kong has the most sustainable transport system in the world”

“According to the index, Hong Kong was celebrated for its “comprehensive mobility, ability to create economic opportunity, and enrich the lives of citizens, businesses and tourists”. Because of those factors, the city was said to have achieved many… Read More