“How the Paris climate accord is becoming reality at UC”

“Universities across the United States have set ambitious goals to shrink their carbon footprints, including the University of California, which launched its Carbon Neutrality Initiative in 2013, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2025. But amid broad support for… Read More

“New material made from desert sand could offer low-carbon alternative to concrete”

“A team of scientists in the UK have developed a biodegradable construction material made from desert sand – a resource that has until now been useless for construction. Called Finite, the material was developed by a group from… Read More

“143 Million People May Soon Become Climate Migrants”

“Climate change will transform more than 143 million people into “climate migrants” escaping crop failure, water scarcity, and sea-level rise, a new World Bank report concludes. Most of this population shift will take place in Sub-Saharan Africa, South… Read More

“Philadelphia Turns Massive Stormwater Runoff Problem Into Economic Boost”

“Philadelphia has long struggled with stormwater that sends massive amounts of polluted runoff into nearby rivers. Rather than spending nearly $10 billion it didn’t have on a new 30-mile-long tunnel, the city is investing a fraction of that… Read More

“Nanomaterials Hold Promise for Producing Hydrogen from Water”

Hydrogen holds promise as an inexpensive form of clean energy, but finding an efficient and affordable way to produce the fuel from water – a technique known as water-splitting – remains a key scientific challenge. http://www.scienceandtechnologyresearchnews.com/nanomaterials-hold-promise-for-producing-hydrogen-from-water/

“Norway plans to buy electric planes, mimicking green car success”

Norway said on Thursday it wants to buy electric passenger planes in the coming years to help slow climate change, building on its success with big tax breaks that have made it the world leader in electric car… Read More

Penn State and United Nations Partner for Sustainable Building

“Penn State University and the United Nations are partnering in the Global Building Network program, a system of professional organizations and research institutions that intends to document and suggest frameworks for healthier and more sustainable buildings.” https://www.constructiondive.com/news/penn-state-united-nations-partner-to-increase-sustainable-building-worldwi/519543/

“The biggest solar parks in the world are now being built in India”

“When completed, the Pavagada solar park is expected to produce 2,000 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 700,000 households — and the latest milestone in India’s transition to generating more green energy.” http://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-india-solar-20180319-story.html

“Why rooftop gardens cool cities”

“City rooftops are getting a makeover. Instead of concrete, many are now covered by grasses, flowers, and even small trees. Andy Creath, president of Green Roofs of Colorado, says green roofs are not just pretty. They benefit the… Read More

“U.S. energy storage market to nearly triple this year: report”

Storage system costs have fallen by roughly two thirds in the last five years, Manghani said. In addition, more states are mandating utilities procure storage systems. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-batteries-report/u-s-energy-storage-market-to-nearly-triple-this-year-report-idUSKCN1GI135?utm_source=applenews