“Apple sets a new environmental goal: No more mining”

Reusing materials will be vital to creating a sustainable society. We have a finite amount of resources on this planet, so we need to carfully reuse what we’ve got. http://www.macworld.com/article/3191361/consumer-electronics/apple-sets-a-new-environmental-goal-no-more-mining.html?google_editors_picks=true

“Tesla Completes Hawaii Storage Project That Sells Solar at Night”

“The Kapaia installation includes a 13-megawatt solar system and 52 megawatt-hours of batteries that can store energy during the day and dispatch it after the sun goes down.” This is a way to use solar energy to cover… Read More

“IKEA converts roof into solar farm”

The top of flat roof buildings are a good place to install solar panels. This IKEA distribution center is doing just that. https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/2017/03/ikea-converts-roof-into-solar-farm/

“If Trump wants to save U.S. infrastructure, he needs to care about climate change”

Sustainable infrastructure must limit and be resilient to climate change. http://www.kitv.com/story/35207591/if-trump-wants-to-save-us-infrastructure-he-needs-to-care-about-climate-change

“Alberta renewable revolution begins with launch of largest solar project in Western Canada”

“There usually isn’t much to look at driving the Trans-Canada Highway through southeast Alberta, aside from the occasional bobbing pumpjack, the odd herd of cattle and the abundance of brown prairie grass. That’s one reason why a new… Read More

“Clean Energy Is Upending Today’s Energy Industry”

“Clean energy has already upended the coal industry, wholesale electricity markets, and utility’s monopoly power, but the disruption may only be beginning. Now that wind and solar energy are cheaper than oil, coal, nuclear, and even natural gas… Read More

“Can Tech Save the Planet? Cisco Thinks So”

“Advances in technology provides companies with seamless and common sense ways to reduce their footprint. Cisco Systems is known for coming up with those solutions. The Silicon Valley tech giant has tackled the fastest growing tech markets—Internet of… Read More