“Companies Use Absurd Packaging That Contributes to America’s Waste Problem”

“Packaging makes up about 30% of solid waste in America. Products are placed in packages that are then put in larger packages that often end up as litter. People should buy products from stores with sustainable packaging.” https://www.attn.com/stories/19337/companies-use-absurd-packaging-contributes-americas-waste-problem

“Why Do Seabirds Eat Plastic? It Smells Like Fish to Them”

“Speaking from his home in Sussex, England, Nicolson explains how guillemot colonies are information exchange centers; how new research is showing that those ultimate long-distance travelers, the shearwaters, “smell” their way across the globe; and what we can… Read More

“Seven charts that explain the plastic pollution problem”

‘”This is a planetary crisis… we are ruining the ecosystem of the ocean,’ UN oceans chief Lisa Svensson told the BBC this week. But how does this happen, where is most at risk and what damage does this plastic… Read More

“David Attenborough says world must act now on plastic after witnessing its impacts filming Blue Planet II”

“More than eight million tonnes of plastic reaches the sea every year. There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, and 99 per cent of the planet’s seabirds will have eaten some. Humans are… Read More

“Warriors Against Waste: These Restaurants And Bars Are Aiming For Zero”

“Zero waste has become a sort of buzzword in the foodie world recently. From San Francisco to New York, London to Amsterdam, restaurateurs are challenging themselves to reduce the staggering amount of food waste that the industry generates… Read More

“Climate Change Is Complex. We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions”

Here’s answers to the most commonly asked question about climate change. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/climate/what-is-climate-change.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=second-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

“The Top 20 Coolest Schools”

“These schools are ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability.” https://sierraclub.org/sierra/cool-schools-2017/top-20

“Trending: CVS, Nestlé Embrace Sustainable Packaging Practices”

“The market for sustainable packaging is expected to reach $440.3 billion over the next decade and businesses that hop on the bandwagon early are expected to reap economic benefits as well as increased consumer satisfaction and a lower… Read More

“Paul Hawken on One Hundred Solutions to the Climate Crisis”

“Environmentalist Paul Hawken believes that to motivate action on climate change, the focus needs to be on solutions rather the problem. And, he says, those solutions – from changing the type of refrigerants used to reducing food waste… Read More

“Designing to Eliminate the Concept of Waste”

“The bi-annual Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge asks emerging designers to develop new solutions for improving our environment through sustainable design. Each iteration of the challenge brings us closer to realizing the imperative to create a circular… Read More