Level of Development LOD500 | As-Built Stage - Final Delivery of the Project

LOD500 the final stage in the process of level of development in BIM services. It is the stage where the construction of the project takes place. Well, it is the stage in which the owner will start observing the movement of the work and watching his dream converting into reality. This final stage of LOD500 is termed as the “As-Built” stage. As off each one of us has taken the knowledge and known with the fact that without BIM services and different levels of developments the entire process of construction is incomplete and has no use at all. Thus, it is important that for a successful completion of the project, it is necessary to follow each and every step in detail so as to get full 100% accuracy in the work and delivering the project.

Now moving further, let us understand and know more in detail about this BIM LOD500 services which is very well defined in building information modeling models. This stage of LOD500 is called as “As-Built” stage. Another name for this stage is also termed as the process of field verified work. It is not at all wrong in saying that from LOD100 to LOD400, the stages seem to be easy as the entire work is done in the form of the drawings, designs, and drafting. But with this final stage of LOD500, it is not possible at all. This stage is termed to be one of the crucial stages because all the drawings and designs that are been drafted and portrayed are converting into reality and will be given the required shape, size, and molds.

The level of development, LOD500 is the stage where it is more focussed and emphasized on the models that are getting driven by the owners. This is where the work is getting completed with the entire process of the owner’s facilities management workflow. The entire process of LOD500 is based on the process of field verification and not much related to the progress of a higher level of information or the geometric designs. No matter at whatever level they work is processing, the most important here is to have the information that is correct, accurate and has the clarity of the work that needs to be done. Therefore, we at Silicon Consultants LLC is at your service to provide you with this service in details and along with the dedicated information that is required.

This level of service or the stage of the construction is considered to be very complicated and along with that, it has a lot of misconception and misunderstanding attached to it. This is why this stage of work is given the name of “As-Built” or “Field Verified” models. With proper following of the stages, discussion, implementation, and steps followed, the entire process of the work becomes easy, quick, and faster that gives the result as per the need and expectations of our clients. In this overall process, one thing that none of us has to forget is the implementation of BIM services, without which these levels of development cannot be successful and the completion would not be possible.

Furthermore, we are one of the leading organizations that provide the delivery of these services with proper updates and detailed information. This entire process is circulated around BIM and LOD services. The use of these services is more taken into consideration in the development of industries, hospitals, restaurants, big buildings, schools, hostels, factories, and many other projects. With this said to know more about the service of BIM LOD500, do get in touch with our team of experts who are versatile and are owing to share the complete information to you and each of our clients.

Nevertheless, one thing that needs to be shared here is that in this level of work, the software used is none other than Revit, and thus it is also termed as Revit LOD500. Also, if you are owing a project and are searching for the best BIM outsourcing company, then we are here at your service to serve you and deliver the project within the given time frame along with complete information that assists the contractor and the owner to proceed with the work without any road-roller or stoppage.

For further details, contact us over the phone or send us an email with your requirement, the team will be reverting back to you with all the necessary information that you have demanded from us.