“The Future of California’s Unique Salmon and Trout: Good News, Bad News”

Global warming is impacting different species around the world, and has the most impact on endemic species, such as certain trout and salmon found in California.


“Colorado River Flows to Keep Shrinking as Climate Warms”

"'This paper is the first to show the large role that warming temperatures are playing in reducing the flows of the Colorado River,' said Overpeck, UA Regents' Professor of Geosciences and of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences and director of the UA Institute of the Environment."


“Sweden’s recycling is so revolutionary, the country has run out of rubbish”

"Sweden is so good at recycling that, for several years, it has imported rubbish from other countries to keep its recycling plants going. Less than 1 per cent of Swedish household waste was sent to landfill last year or any year since 2011." This is the kind of system we need implimented world wide in order to create a sustainable society.


“This Advance Brings Us a Lot Closer to a “Hydrogen Economy”

"Hydrogen is commonly produced from natural gas heated by steam, which results in greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental problems. Thus, scientists have been working to replace this process with one that taps a renewable energy source."


“The Crazy Scale of Human Carbon Emission”

"Earth has also been increasing its greenhouse gas concentration pretty steadily over the past couple of hundred years... Dire warnings that we've crossed 400 parts-per-million of atmospheric CO2 (a level last seen tens of millions of years ago) may sound pretty bad, but it takes a little intellectual imagination to really grasp what's going on. Let's give that a shot."


“Worrisome first quarter of 2017 climate trends”

2017 is on track to be the hottest year on record based on the temperatures from the first quarter of the year. This not only means rising temperatures, but rising sea levels as the ice in the polar regions melts, and destruction of habitats such as the coral reefs.