“These ‘Plastic’ Bags Are Actually Made of Potato & Tapioca – and Can Become Animal Food on Disposal!”

"The partial or total ban on plastic bags in several Indian cities is often lauded as a welcome move by most people. As it should be! But if you ask those who cannot afford alternatives like cloth bags (or forget to bring them to the market) – using just hands to carry eggs and vegetables home can be a juggling act." Therefore an alternative not detrimental to the environment was needed and created!


“Wetlands Can Help Fight Climate Change”

"Coastal wetlands take in carbon quickly and hold it for a long time, the literature review found. If they are not protected, the ecosystems could release huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, potentially jeopardizing the ability of some nations to meet their international climate commitments in the Paris Agreement."


“Climate Change, Resilience, and the Future of Food”

"Although the costs of industrial food and the benefits of sustainable food systems are widely recognized, and despite new evidence that the global industrial food system is uniquely vulnerable to climate change and other 21st-century challenges, national and international agricultural policy continues to support public investment in an unsustainable global industrial food system." We will need to make massive changes to the way that we produce and consume food in order to create a sustainable future.


“Mayans Have Farmed The Same Way For Millennia. Climate Change Means They Can’t”

"In recent years, however, Yam Moo and other Yucatán milperos have struggled to keep their farms alive. Climate change has brought erratic rainfall, making the growing season less predictable." As the climate warms more and more, there will be more dramatic effects that will be seen around the world. This is yet another reason why we must make HASTE!


“Five Endangered Species Recoveries You’ve Never Heard Of”

"More than 40 species have been officially recovered by the Endangered Species Act. Some, like bald eagles and peregrine falcons, have received a lot of publicity. Here are five lesser known – but no less interesting – stories of recovery."


“Electric cars and cheap solar ‘could halt fossil fuel growth by 2020′”

"Falling costs of electric vehicles and solar panels could halt worldwide growth in demand for oil and coal by 2020, a new report has suggested. A scenario that takes into account the latest cost reduction projections for the green technologies, and countries’ pledges to cut emissions, finds that solar power and electric vehicles are “gamechangers” that could leave fossil fuels stranded."


“U.S. utilities seek solar power as Trump sides with coal, fossil fuels”

"Solar power represents just about 1% of the electricity U.S. utilities generate today, but that could grow substantially as major electric utilities move into smaller-scale solar farming, a niche developed by local cooperatives and nonprofits." Solar energy is a key component in a sustainable future.


“New Power Plant Shows India is Serious About Solar”

Massive renewable energy projects, such as this one, will be required to move towards a sustainable future.


“Flooding is the New Normal in Miami”

"In Miami, sea-level rise is not a problem for future generations. It’s a present-day reality." Other areas close to the coast are also experiencing the effects of climate change through sea level rise and the effects will become more frequent and the water will rise even higher. We must take action on climate change in order to decrease the effects.


“Mangroves and marshes key in the climate change battle”

"With the advent of green technologies, it is easy to view the battle against climate change as one for the tech world. A lesser-known but increasingly recognized solution lies in nature. According to a new scientific paper, the wetland ecosystems lying along the coasts of our oceans are particularly good at sequestering and storing carbon - and the world’s governments should take full advantage of this potential through carbon finance and policy." It will take all sorts of different ways to become sustainable and combat climate change.