“New Power Plant Shows India is Serious About Solar”

Massive renewable energy projects, such as this one, will be required to move towards a sustainable future.


“Flooding is the New Normal in Miami”

"In Miami, sea-level rise is not a problem for future generations. It’s a present-day reality." Other areas close to the coast are also experiencing the effects of climate change through sea level rise and the effects will become more frequent and the water will rise even higher. We must take action on climate change in order to decrease the effects.


“Mangroves and marshes key in the climate change battle”

"With the advent of green technologies, it is easy to view the battle against climate change as one for the tech world. A lesser-known but increasingly recognized solution lies in nature. According to a new scientific paper, the wetland ecosystems lying along the coasts of our oceans are particularly good at sequestering and storing carbon - and the world’s governments should take full advantage of this potential through carbon finance and policy." It will take all sorts of different ways to become sustainable and combat climate change.


“Beijing vows 30% cut in coal use in 2017 to fight crippling smog”

"China's smog-hit capital Beijing plans to slash coal consumption by a further 30 percent in 2017 as part of its efforts to combat air pollution, the official Xinhua news agency said late on Sunday, citing the city's mayor."


“Greenery-clad towers take root in China”

This is interesting concept in green building.  It would be good to know more about its net carbon footprint and what it will be required for maintenance.  There's obviously a big social benefit for this approach that must be considered in understanding its true net benefit.


“Visualizing the True Cost of Oil Pipelines”

"Foremost among the hazards of any pipeline, of course, are spills." These spills can lead to environmental problems and environmental injustice. We must move quickly towards renewable energies rather than rely on fossil fuels.


“National Academy of Sciences report links extreme weather to climate change”

The report discussed in this article communicates why it is now possible to attribute extreme weather events to climate change.  The report is freely available.


“Teaching Climate Change in Portland, Oregon”

Educating people about climate change and sustainability is a huge part of We Make HASTE's mission. In Portland, Oregon, educating children about climate change and its effects was just discussed and they are now working to add more climate science content into the classroom.


“11 Ways to See How Climate Change Is Imperiling the Arctic”

"While the average temperature of the planet is slowly creeping up, the Arctic is warming far more quickly—as much as two to three times faster." This increase in temperature causes ice to melt at a high rate, causing sea levels to rise. Just another reason why we must make HASTE!