“With enough evidence, even skepticism will thaw”

We are long past the threshold of "a preponerance of the evidence" and we have achieved an understanding "beyond a reasonable doubt" of the fact that combustion of fossil fuels is causing irreparable harm.


“Alberta renewable revolution begins with launch of largest solar project in Western Canada”

"There usually isn't much to look at driving the Trans-Canada Highway through southeast Alberta, aside from the occasional bobbing pumpjack, the odd herd of cattle and the abundance of brown prairie grass. That's one reason why a new solar project outside the city of Brooks is so jarring. Seeing the 30-hectare site filled with solar panels is not only a sharp contrast to the landscape, but also to the province and its massive oil and gas industry."


“Columbia Engineers Develop Floating Solar Fuels Rig for Seawater Electrolysis”

"In a single hour, more energy from the sun hits the Earth than all the energy used by humankind in an entire year. Imagine if the sun’s energy could be harnessed to power energy needs on Earth, and done in a way that is economical, scalable, and environmentally responsible. Researchers have long seen this as one of the grand challenges of the 21st century."


“Clean Energy Is Upending Today’s Energy Industry”

"Clean energy has already upended the coal industry, wholesale electricity markets, and utility's monopoly power, but the disruption may only be beginning. Now that wind and solar energy are cheaper than oil, coal, nuclear, and even natural gas electric power plants around the world there's no stopping clean energy's momentum. "


“Can Tech Save the Planet? Cisco Thinks So”

"Advances in technology provides companies with seamless and common sense ways to reduce their footprint. Cisco Systems is known for coming up with those solutions. The Silicon Valley tech giant has tackled the fastest growing tech markets—Internet of Things (IoT), domain security and energy management—and turned them into tools that make sustainability seamless and cost-effective for many growing companies, including their own."


“Kids’ climate change lawsuit against Trump administration lands in San Francisco court”

"A novel and potentially precedent-setting lawsuit in which 21 young people are suing the Trump administration for failing to address climate change advanced one step closer to a trial on Monday. A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard a Trump administration motion aiming to dismiss the lawsuit on Monday, with several judges voicing skepticism about the government’s request to shut down the closely-watched lawsuit. "


“Atmospheric rivers and the mass mortality of wild oysters: insight into an extreme future?”

"Climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and severity of extreme events. However, the biological consequences of extremes remain poorly resolved owing to their unpredictable nature and difficulty in quantifying their mechanisms and impacts. One key feature delivering precipitation extremes is an atmospheric river (AR), a long and narrow filament of enhanced water vapour transport. Despite recent attention, the biological impacts of ARs remain undocumented. Here, we use biological data coupled with remotely sensed and in situ environmental data to describe the role of ARs in the near 100% mass mortality of wild oysters in northern San Francisco Bay. In March 2011, a series of ARs made landfall within California, contributing an estimated 69.3% of the precipitation within the watershed and driving an extreme freshwater discharge into San Francisco Bay."


“Italy boosts business resilience”

"A key feature of the newly-inked agreement is a joint action plan for small and medium enterprises, precisely the kind of firms that in many economies struggle to offset the risks posed by natural and human-induced hazards compared to their corporate giant counterparts." Agreements such as these are part of achieving sustainability.