“The broad footprint of climate change from genes to biomes to people”

"Anthropogenic climate change is now in full swing, our global average temperature already having increased by 1°C from preindustrial levels. Many studies have documented individual impacts of the changing climate that are particular to species or regions, but individual impacts are accumulating and being amplified more broadly." This is why we must make HASTE!


Climate Change Threatens Agriculture

"Based on its current popularity and saturation media coverage, one might think that Japanese food had nothing to worry about. However, beneath all of the promotional campaigns — often unnoticed by either supermarket shoppers or restaurant customers — lies a troubling reality. Climate change is threatening Japanese agriculture in unprecedented ways."

Climate change threatens nation’s agriculture

‘Wildlife populations down by half since the 1970s’

“For the first time since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, we face a global mass extinction of wildlife. We ignore the decline of other species at our peril — for they are the barometer that reveals our impact on the world that sustains us.”


‘Why I Started Acting on Climate Change (An interview with David Letterman)’

In David Letterman's response to the second question, he explained that the people of India look at the population of 1.3 billion people as the solution.  That's the point of HASTE.  Human Action Saves The Earth.  Working together to improve standards of living while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions sounds like a good plan!


Current Climate Models Mislead Us

The future is at risk. Let’s work on understanding the reality of what we are facing to come up with the best solutions.


“The Earth Has Lungs Watch Them Breathe”

The captivating power of the tree:



Oil Extraction and Earthquakes

Earthquakes due to oil extraction is just one more aspect of why use of fossil fuels is not sustainable.

5.0 Quake Near Oklahoma Oil Hub Causes Substantial Damage