Who should learn more about sustainability?

Everyone should make an effort to learn more about sustainability because what we do today impacts our own lives, the lives of our offspring and people all over the planet. Some people are just starting to learn about sustainability while others already know a lot. If you are just starting to learn about sustainability, begin with a sustainability topic that interests you. Find an interesting fact or idea about how or why to act more sustainably and share it with friends and acquaintances. If you are already an expert, work on expanding on what you know and sharing what you have learned.

Who benefits from acting sustainably?

Everyone benefits from acting more sustainably because achieving sustainability would lead to a more peaceful and prosperous planet. Some people can benefit by saving money while simultaneously feeling good about their impacts on future generations. Other people can benefit by a healthier lifestyle. Everyone will benefit by reducing conflict over non-renewable resources. But, the appropriate actions that people can take depend on their circumstances.

People who struggle to survive would benefit from opportunities to meet their basic needs in a sustainable manner. Governments and corporations benefit from populations whose basic needs are met in a sustainable manner because it would lead to more political stability and economic growth.

People who are striving to improve their standard of living would benefit from acting sustainably so that they don’t trade short term apparent success for long term financial debt or environmental repercussions.

Those who are lucky enough to be part of the relatively small percentage of the global population living in relative luxury benefit should act sustainably and facilitate sustainable actions by others in order to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions of the planet their children will inherit.