Food Waste

Food waste is a pervasive issue, especially in the United States. Food that is perfectly edible is often thrown out in homes and restaurants. This is true in other countries as well. ‘Imperfect’ looking fruits and vegetables are discarded. Half eaten meals are thrown away when they could easily have been saved as leftovers for the next day. To reduce the amount of food that you waste, save your leftovers for another day. Don’t throw out what still is perfectly good to eat. Plan your meals to reduce waste and when things are past the edible stage, compost as much as you can to reduce what goes to the landfill.


  • Buy imperfect fruits and veggies
  • Save leftovers for another day; freeze leftovers to prevent spoilage
  • Bring containers to a restaurant to bring home leftovers
  • Compost as much as possible
  • Don’t take more than you need at the buffet
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