“Shell, one of the biggest oil companies, plans to halve its carbon emissions. Here’s how”

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“GE cuts 12K power jobs as demand, renewables, skew market”

“NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — General Electric Co. will cut 12,000 jobs in its power division as alternative energy supplants demand for coal and other fossil fuels, and energy demand declines overall. The company said Thursday that the cuts… Read More


“Scientists examined volcanic ash preserved in peat deposits and lake sediments and discovered a period with less volcanic activity around 5,000 years ago. The volcanoes were much quieter during this time period, and it happened to coincide with… Read More

“With the right moves, India’s renewables push could lift thousands of rural workers out of poverty”

“India’s major renewable energy push could be as much about poverty reduction and job creation as it is about energy security and climate change.” https://qz.com/1136988/with-the-right-moves-indias-renewable-energy-push-could-lift-thousands-of-rural-workers-out-of-poverty/

“How Renewable Energy Will Destroy Fossil Fuels”

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“This Swedish power plant is burning H&M clothes instead of fossil fuels”

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“The Energy Revolution Is Here: Solar Energy and Storage Now Cheaper Than Coal”

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“Sustainable Gift Ideas to Impress the Most Eco-Friendly Person on Your List”

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“The first part of the grant, $37,500, will go to CSU’s National Western Center Sustainability Team. This team is helping develop a campus that addresses innovations in water, energy, food systems, health and recreation, and improves the natural… Read More