“Restoring U.S. Forests Can Help Solve Our Water Infrastructure Crisis”

Insuring people’s access to clean fresh water is a key component in creating a sustainable future. Here’s part of how to do that in the United States. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/restoring-us-forests-can-help-solve-our-water-infrastructure_us_5971268ee4b0f1feb89b424a

“Vail Announces Plan for ‘Zero Net Footprint’ by 2030”

“Vail Resorts announced July 25 they will “aggressively pursue” a company-wide sustainability commitment to zero net emissions by 2030, zero waste to landfill by 2030, and zero net operating impact to forests and habitats. “Everything we do at… Read More

“Marie Claire Launches First-Ever Sustainability Issue”

“Publications dedicated to eco-friendly fashion alternatives have cropped up for conscious consumers. But most mainstream glossies haven’t prioritized consistently getting that kind of information, which can be seen as a bit of a downer, in front of their… Read More

“ViZn Energy Systems Enables 24/7 “Solar Nights” at Lowest Ever Published Cost”

“Now, utilities can add energy storage to a wind or solar farm at a lower price than coal-fired generation (6¢/kWh per Bloomberg New Energy Finance), paving a clear path toward 100 percent renewable penetration.” http://www.power-eng.com/marketwired/2017/07/11/vizn-energy-systems-enables-24-7-solar-nights-at-lowest-ever-published-cost.html

“RE100 Reaches 100 Companies Committed to 100% Renewable Energy”

RE100 realized its goal of obtaining 100 members committed to 100% renewable power, including 30 Fortune 500 companies, three years ahead of schedule. http://www.sustainablebrands.com/news_and_views/leadership/sustainable_brands/re100_initiative_reaches_100_member_milestone

“Railway station coffee recycling scheme receives national recognition at prestigious green business awards”

“The scheme sees Network Rail partner closely with bio-bean, which reprocesses the waste from coffee into Coffee Logs, a fuel for the home. The trial has already converted 790 tonnes of coffee – equivalent to the weight of… Read More

“Hershey launches more sustainable packaging”

“Hershey is launching an innovative new packaging approach that the company developed in 2016 to reduce corrugate waste, lessen its carbon footprint and improve sustainability efficiencies across the supply chain.” http://www.foodengineeringmag.com/articles/96822-hershey-launches-more-sustainable-packaging

“Alberta renewable revolution begins with launch of largest solar project in Western Canada”

“There usually isn’t much to look at driving the Trans-Canada Highway through southeast Alberta, aside from the occasional bobbing pumpjack, the odd herd of cattle and the abundance of brown prairie grass. That’s one reason why a new… Read More

“Columbia Engineers Develop Floating Solar Fuels Rig for Seawater Electrolysis”

“In a single hour, more energy from the sun hits the Earth than all the energy used by humankind in an entire year. Imagine if the sun’s energy could be harnessed to power energy needs on Earth, and… Read More

“Clean Energy Is Upending Today’s Energy Industry”

“Clean energy has already upended the coal industry, wholesale electricity markets, and utility’s monopoly power, but the disruption may only be beginning. Now that wind and solar energy are cheaper than oil, coal, nuclear, and even natural gas… Read More