“Sheridan launches new program to recycle your old linens into new products”

“KonMari fever had everyone talking this year, and whether you love Marie Kondo’s methods ordisagree, the 2019 decluttering zeitgeist has brought some important issues to the fore. One such issue emerged more important than all others: how quick… Read More

“J. Crew Is Partnering With Habitat for Humanity to Help You Recycle Your Denim”

“The brand just announced a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, the nonprofit organization that helps build affordable housing for low-income families, as the official partner for J Crew’s denim recycling program. Launched in 2014, as J. Crew partnered… Read More

“Turning old clothes into high-end building materials”

“Researchers at UNSW Sydney have developed an effective process to turn old clothing and textiles into high-quality building products such as flat panels. These high-end composite products can have a wood veneer look or a ceramic-style finish and… Read More

“Want To Give Sustainable and Socially Conscious Holiday Gifts? Here’s How.”

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“Everlane Is Eliminating Virgin Plastic From Its Business—Starting With a New Outerwear Collection”

“There are more than eight billion tons of plastic on Earth. That’s more than one ton of plastic for every human being on the planet. The scary truth is that if we don’t address the overwhelming blight of… Read More

“”There is no innovation without sustainability” says Nike’s chief operating officer”

“Nike is putting new focus into sustainability, says chief operating officer Eric Sprunk, and has just created a new super material from recyclable natural leather fibre. Speaking to Dezeen at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Summit, Sprunk revealed details about Flyleather,… Read More

“73 Percent of Millennials are Willing to Spend More Money on This 1 Type of Product”

“”Despite the fact that Millennials are coming of age in one of the most difficult economic climates in the past 100 years, they continue to be most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings–almost three-out-of-four respondents,” says Nielsen.”… Read More

“9 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Environmentally Conscious Outdoorspeople”

It’s important to consider the impact our habits have on the environment in order to preserve our beautiful natural landscapes for generations to come. https://www.bestproducts.com/fitness/clothing/a18736061/sustainable-ethical-clothing-brands/

“This Swedish power plant is burning H&M clothes instead of fossil fuels”

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“Paul Hawken on One Hundred Solutions to the Climate Crisis”

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