“How to stop the climate crisis: six lessons from the campaign that saved the ozone”

“Thirty years ago, all 197 countries got together to ban the gases damaging the Earth’s ozone layer. Now we need to unite to combat an even greater threat. What can we learn from 1989?” https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/20/how-to-stop-the-climate-crisis-six-lessons-from-the-campaign-that-saved-the-ozone

“Ways to help kids cope with — and help combat — climate change”

“News of the coming environmental collapse has broken with unnerving regularity, and with each new tidbit — the Arctic Ocean has lost 95 percent of its oldest ice, global warming is making already-dramatic natural disasters more fierce, Europe’s… Read More

“The zero-waste movement is coming for your garbage”

“The goal: Create as little garbage as possible. Recycling isn’t enough — only 9 percent of all plastic waste on Earth has been recycled. Among all the adherents of the zero- and low-waste lifestyle I spoke to, the… Read More

“To fix climate change, fix the obesity and starvation epidemics, reports say”

“The world needs to come up with solutions to fight three interrelated pandemics — obesity, starvation and climate change — and it needs to do it fast before the planet is “burning,” according to a report released Sunday… Read More

“Toward a circular economy: Tackling the plastics recycling problem”

“Why has the world continued to increase consumption of plastic materials when at the same time, environmental and human health concerns over their use have grown? One answer is they are immensely useful to humankind, and despite problems… Read More

“Have old broken stuff? These people will fix it for you – for free”

“A little more than a decade ago, Martine Postma, a journalist in the Netherlands, noticed something had changed since her childhood in the 1970s. When a household item — a clock, a vacuum cleaner, a chair — broke,… Read More

“Your math about buying an electric car is probably wrong”

“This can be the challenge with any new technology. The public has to be educated about how it works – and how it will make their lives easier. Take electric cars. Safe, clean, technologically sophisticated electric vehicles (EVs) are losing… Read More

“Once derided, ways of adapting to climate change are gaining steam”

“From chronically flooded Midwestern towns to fire-charred California suburbs, from Bangladesh’s sodden delta to low island nations facing rising seas, a long-underplayed strategy for cutting risks related to human-driven climate change is coming to the fore—adaptation. Through 30… Read More

“2018 was Earth’s fourth-warmest year, EU scientists find”

“The Copernicus Climate Service (C3S), an EU-funded program, has concluded that 2018 was Earth’s 4th-warmest year on record — with the past 4 years serving as the hottest years the planet has seen since instrument records began in… Read More

“How Genentech, Badger Balm and Dr. Bronner’s use sustainability to improve the environment and company culture”

“Being silly (with a purpose) is an excellent way for you and your colleagues to maintain an optimistic outlook on the pressing issue of climate change, while also contributing to climate solutions. Creating programs, events and initiatives that… Read More