“Drilling to start at the UK’s first deep geothermal electricity plant”

“Drilling at the U.K.’s first deep geothermal electricity plant is to start this week. Located at the United Downs Industrial Estate in Cornwall, southwest England, the plant will provide enough energy to power 3,000 homes, according to Geothermal… Read More

“Beyond Plastic Bans: Creating Products To Replace It”

“Packaging designer Ryan Gaither believes in the power of cardboard. At the Swedish-owned BillerudKorsnäs design lab in Portland, Oregon, he’s laid down a massive sheet of it, as big as a king-size bed. He flips the switch on… Read More

“A Midwest Energy Transition Will Help Drive Future U.S. Emissions Reductions”

“EAST CHINA TOWNSHIP, Mich.—America’s greenhouse gas emissions are declining, in large part thanks to the transformations taking place in communities like this one on the Ontario-Michigan border. Coal freighters arriving from the Great Lakes have long plied the… Read More

“UPS expands use of electric cargo bicycles for deliveries”

“UPS has been making significant strides towards reducing the environmental impact of their delivery fleet. Now the delivery company is expanding the rollout of their UPS electric cargo tricycles. UPS first began testing their novel delivery trikes one… Read More

“Human urine bricks invented by South African students”

“Human urine has been used to create environmentally friendly bricks by university students in South Africa. They combined urine with sand and bacteria in a process that allows the bricks to solidify at room temperature. “It’s essentially the… Read More

“ASCE Signs Landmark Agreement on Sustainable Development”

“Knowledge of sustainable development should be a key requirement for engineers, according to a joint statement of intent signed today by ASCE, the British-based Institution of Civil Engineers, and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. The statement was… Read More

“How to keep recycling from turning into ‘wishcycling'”

“When people toss paper, glass or plastic in the correct recycling bin, they’re confident in doing their part to save the planet. However, experts say the problem is a lot of the wrong materials are ending up in… Read More

“Everlane Is Eliminating Virgin Plastic From Its Business—Starting With a New Outerwear Collection”

“There are more than eight billion tons of plastic on Earth. That’s more than one ton of plastic for every human being on the planet. The scary truth is that if we don’t address the overwhelming blight of… Read More

“Israel aims for zero new gasoline, diesel-powered vehicles by 2030”

“Israelis will no longer be able to buy new gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles after 2030, the Energy Ministry said on Tuesday, unveiling a plan to replace them with electric cars and trucks that run on natural gas. The… Read More

“Could carbon-capture technology be a silver bullet to stop climate change?”

“If every new building for the next 30 years was made with the resulting product, humans could erase the globe-warming pollution they’ve sent into the atmosphere, said Fiekowsky, founder of the Healthy Climate Alliance network. Blue Planet’s technology… Read More