“The world’s largest “virtual battery plant” is now operating in the Arabian desert”

“The United Arab Emirates likes breaking world records. Flush with oil money and blessed with plenty of open land, the country has the world’s tallest building, largest mall, largest desalinated water reservoir, and one of the largest solar… Read More

“To curb climate change, we have to suck carbon from the sky. But how?”

“At McCarty Family Farms, headquartered in sun-blasted northwest Kansas, fields rarely sit empty any more. In a drive to be more sustainable, the family dairy still grows corn, sorghum, and alfalfa, but now often sows the bare ground… Read More

“Your math about buying an electric car is probably wrong”

“This can be the challenge with any new technology. The public has to be educated about how it works – and how it will make their lives easier. Take electric cars. Safe, clean, technologically sophisticated electric vehicles (EVs) are losing… Read More

“‘zero waste lab’ by the new raw turns citizens’ plastic waste into 3D-printed street furniture”

“with zero waste lab, the new raw explores the possibility of citizens’ involvement in transforming public spaces through recycling the city’s plastic waste. part of coca-cola’s zero waste future program in greece, the lab closes the plastic waste… Read More

“A $350 toilet powered by worms may be the ingenious future of sanitation that Bill Gates has been dreaming about”

“Worms may not have spines, but they’re doing some back-breaking sewer work in more than 4,000 toilets across India. Since 2015, a creative new type of toilet called the Tiger Toilet has been popping up outside homes and… Read More

“UBC researchers develop climate change video game for classroom use”

“A team of University of British Columbia researchers is creating a video game where Vancouver high school students can experience how their individual choices can minimize the effects of climate change. The game, called Our Future Community, would… Read More

“S-Squared gets printing”

“The beast of a machine sits outside the company’s Patchogue Village home located on West Main Street and is capable of pouring concrete with virtually no air bubbles, creating a product that is 200 percent stronger with about… Read More

“Turning old clothes into high-end building materials”

“Researchers at UNSW Sydney have developed an effective process to turn old clothing and textiles into high-quality building products such as flat panels. These high-end composite products can have a wood veneer look or a ceramic-style finish and… Read More

“Lung-like Device Transdorms Water into a Clean Source of Fuel”

“Get water in your lungs, and you’re in for a very bad time. But when water enters a new type of “lung” created by researchers at Stanford University, the result is hydrogen fuel — a clean source of… Read More

“Already a climate change leader, California takes on food waste”

“A bucket loader digs into the mass and hoists a load of glop into a grinder. Seconds later, the chewed-up food waste pours into a bin, its first step toward the anaerobic digesters that will blend it with… Read More