“Airports Assess The Risks to Runways of Rising Seas”

“In 2015, SFO determined that, by midcentury, a 100-year flood will require protection of six feet. The port is considering raising its levee, restoring the shallow bay lands and installing more levees, among other options, he says. Other… Read More

“Finnish Icebreaker Sets Record for Earliest Northwest Passage Crossing”

“The once-forbidding route through the Arctic, linking the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, has been opening up sooner and for a longer period each summer due to climate change. Sea ice that foiled famous explorers and blocked the… Read More

“A Massive and Unprecedented Coral Bleaching Event May Finally be Coming to an End”

Coral bleaching is a problem when it comes to sustainability. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/06/21/a-massive-and-unprecedented-coral-bleaching-event-may-finally-be-coming-to-an-end/?utm_term=.229f88b1ef16

“Millions of glowing tropical sea creatures have started to appear in the Pacific Northwest”

Warming oceans can have a lasting effect on the life, causing some species to migrate and others to become endangered or extinct. http://www.businessinsider.com/pyrosome-sea-creature-bloom-worries-scientists-in-pacific-northwest-2017-6

“Climate Science Meets a Stubborn Obstacle: Students”

Teaching climate science to students in elementary, middle and high school is vital to changing the way people view climate change and the sustainability issue as a whole. Here’s one story of how climate change was integrated into… Read More

“If You Think Fighting Climate Change Will Be Expensive, Calculate the Cost of Letting It Happen”

It will be vastly more expensive in the long run, and even short term, to ignore the reality of climate change. It is better for everyone, as a whole economically and as individuals, for us to invest in… Read More

“Acidified ocean water widespread along North American West Coast”

“A three-year survey of the California Current System along the West Coast of the United States found persistent, highly acidified water throughout this ecologically critical nearshore habitat, with ‘hotspots’ of pH measurements as low as any oceanic surface… Read More

“Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts”

The seed vault that was thought a failsafe against natural disasters and climate change was recently flooded by the massive amounts of artic permafrost and ice that has been melting due to global warming. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/may/19/arctic-stronghold-of-worlds-seeds-flooded-after-permafrost-melts

“Climate change already forcing 17 U.S. communities to move, new analysis says”

As sea levels rise more and climate around the globe changes, people are going to be forced out of their communities more and more. http://www.nola.com/environment/index.ssf/2017/05/climate_change_already_forcing_17_us_communities_to_move_new_analysis_says.html

“Worrisome first quarter of 2017 climate trends”

2017 is on track to be the hottest year on record based on the temperatures from the first quarter of the year. This not only means rising temperatures, but rising sea levels as the ice in the polar… Read More