“The world’s first “negative emissions” plant has begun operation—turning carbon dioxide into stone”

“It’s called direct-air capture, and it consists of machines that work like a tree does, sucking carbon dioxide (CO2) out from the air, but on steroids—capturing thousands of times more carbon in the same amount of time, and,… Read More

“Toshiba and Turkey’s Zorlu Energy Group in geothermal power generation”

“Under the terms of the PDA, Zorlu Energy Group will investigate steam flow, pressure levels and so on in three locations where Zorlu Energy Group plans to construct plants by October 2020, and if the results of survey… Read More

“Solar Motor Home For More Sustainable Vacations”

“Move over, tiny house, and take notes. German-based motorhome manufacturer Dethleffs recent e.home, an electric motorhome concept, is solar-paneled, clean battery-powered, comfortable, and bright. How about that for a sustainably sensible option for the camping family or the… Read More

“Two Big Banks Have Just Pledged to Go 100% Clean Energy By 2020”

“Banking giants are putting their money into clean energy with a pledge to be powered completely by renewable energy by 2020. JPMorgan and Citigroup have made this RE100 pledge, organized by The Climate Group alongside other companies like… Read More

“Duke Energy proposes first utility-scale battery storage projects in the Carolinas”

“Duke Energy Progress plans to spend $30 million by early 2019 on the first utility-scale battery storage projects in North Carolina. It proposes to install a nine-megawatt battery in Asheville and a four-megawatt battery in Hot Springs.” https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2017/09/21/duke-energy-proposes-first-utility-scale-battery.html

“Sea Urchins Are Laying Waste to Kelp Forests – and an Entire Ecosystem”

“In an unprecedented environmental collapse, Northern California’s iconic kelp forests have almost entirely disappeared. Starting between three and four years ago, the region’s population of purple sea urchins – which eat marine vegetation – exploded after a disease… Read More

“Climate change could bring much earlier water runoff in Sierra Nevada by century’s end”

“In a study published today in the Journal of Hydrometeorology, UCLA climate scientist Alex Hall and colleagues predicted that by the end of the 21st century, the runoff midpoint for snow and rainwater — the time of year… Read More

“Cal State Long Beach Adds Solar Panels on Campus, Advancing Sustainability Plan”

“To advance toward a goal of carbon neutrality on campus by 2030, Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) recently completed construction on the largest solar panel installations in the city and of all 23 CSU campuses, a fact that… Read More

“Want to Save the Planet? Think Small”

“There are many answers. People have concerns about the industrial food system, its factory-like farms, its harm to the environment and its degradation of the soil. The food you grow at home tastes better and the act of… Read More

“Will the Thawing of Arctic Ice Release Diseases?”

“Around July and August of 2016 in a remote corner of Siberia called the Yamal Penninsula, more than 2,000 reindeer unexpectedly perished. Initially, a heat wave was suspected to have caused heatstroke in the reindeer, but doctors soon… Read More