“Millennials Drive Sustainability”

While it is wonderful that some of the younger generations are living more sustainable livestyles, we need for everyone to act more sustainably. It will take collective human action to ensure a sustainble future for both people and… Read More

“Climate science bedeviled by ‘tipping points'”

Tipping points are when, on a human timescale, things have gone passed the point of reversal. On some climate issues, we’re nearing this point with alarming speed. It’s time to make HASTE! https://phys.org/news/2017-01-climate-science-bedeviled.html#pt0-507429

“Talking to Kids about Global Warming”

It is important to ensure that children understand global warming and what they can do about it and how it impacts their own lives. Everyone must join together in order to make HASTE! http://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/2016/12/talking-to-kids-about-global-warming/

“New transmission lines required to avoid curtailment”

“UNITED STATES: A new report from the Department of Energy (DOE) has found that if a small amount of transmission capacity can be added the US grid network, curtailment can be significantly reduced.” http://www.windpowermonthly.com/article/1420468/new-transmission-lines-required-avoid-curtailment

“India on track to beat its Paris targets years ahead of schedule, according to government report”

India is “on a path to meeting its Paris commitments several years early.” If more places and nations step up to using renewable resources, sustainability may well be possible. But in order to do this, we must make… Read More

“The South Kicks Off the New Year with a New Power Source: Wind”

“Thanks to advances in turbine tech, the first commercial-scale wind farm in the Southeast is about to get whirring.” Wind farms, and other similar renewable energy projects, are vital to achieving sustainability. https://www.nrdc.org/stories/south-kicks-new-year-new-power-source-wind?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=socialmedia

“A new way to predict and prevent the end of coral reefs”

“Researchers have created models to predict when, where, and to what extent coral bleaching will occur in reefs around the world at a finer scale than ever before.” This can be used in a variety of ways in… Read More

“The Biggest Clean Energy Advances in 2016”

“Bionic leaves, a hot solar cell, and other picks for the most notable renewable energy strides in 2016.” https://www.technologyreview.com/s/603275/the-biggest-clean-energy-advances-in-2016/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=atlantic

“City of Las Vegas reaches clean energy goal”

Municipal facilities’ powered by 100% renewable sources. We need more and more projects like this in order to achieve sustainability. http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/politics-and-government/las-vegas/city-las-vegas-reaches-clean-energy-goal

“World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That’s Cheaper Than Wind”

“Solar power, for the first time, is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity.” It has surpassed other types of renewable and nonrenewable resources. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-12-15/world-energy-hits-a-turning-point-solar-that-s-cheaper-than-wind