“Rain Barrels Work With Long Beach Sustainability Efforts”

“For the next 75 days, Cindy Berglund will be traveling around Southern California in her motor home, lugging rain barrels with her. Last weekend, her company, Rain Barrels International, joined with the city’s Office of Sustainability to offer a free class on rainwater harvesting. More than 80 people signed up in advance for the class at Recreation Park but the presentation ended up being to a standing room only crowd.”


“Walmart aims to use all recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging for private label items by 2025”

“Walmart Inc. WMT, +0.15% has announced a new commitment to reduce plastic waste that focuses on its private-label goods. The commitment includes a pledge to achieve 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable private-label packaging by 2025. The company is already taking steps to reduce plastic waste, like recycling shrink wrap and providing plastic bag and film recycling bins in stores. The new commitment also continues Walmart’s work with suppliers to reduce plastic waste. Walmart shares have gained nearly 6% over the past year while the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.79% is up 1.5% for the period.”


“L.A.’s ambitious goal: Recycle all of the city’s sewage into drinkable water”

“Los Angeles has a new water project in mind that could cost $8 billion, take 16 years to complete and provide as much as one-third of the city’s supply. Local officials aren’t talking about building a new dam or lining the coast with desalination plants or towing icebergs from the Arctic.”


“Evidence for man-made global warming hits ‘gold standard’: scientists”

” Evidence for man-made global warming has reached a “gold standard” level of certainty, adding pressure for cuts in greenhouse gases to limit rising temperatures, scientists said on Monday.”


“New refillable batteries could fuel an electric car revolution”

“Electric vehicles are easier on the environment than their gasoline-powered counterparts, but their long charging times and the scarcity of charging stations can make life hard for the eco-conscious motorists who drive them. Now help may be on the horizon. Scientists are working to develop refillable, or so-called flow, batteries that can be refueled in minutes at a vast network of converted gas stations. It’s a shift that could make electric vehicles (EVs) more attractive to drivers who are wary of long charging times.”


“The Tiny Swiss Company That Thinks It Can Help Stop Climate Change”

“Just over a century ago in Ludwigshafen, Germany, a scientist named Carl Bosch assembled a team of engineers to exploit a new technique in chemistry. A year earlier, another German chemist, Fritz Haber, hit upon a process to pull nitrogen (N) from the air and combine it with hydrogen (H) to produce tiny amounts of ammonia (NH₃). But Haber’s process was delicate, requiring the maintenance of high temperatures and high pressure. Bosch wanted to figure out how to adapt Haber’s discovery for commercial purposes — as we would say today, to “scale it up.” Anyone looking at the state of manufacturing in Europe around 1910, Bosch observed, could see that the task was daunting: The technology simply didn’t exist.”


“How To Get Meat Eaters To Eat More Plant-Based Foods? Make Their Mouths Water”

“By now, you’ve likely heard the argument to eat less meat for the health of the planet. Heck, even Beyoncé has been pushing this message, dangling the prospect of free concert tickets for life before fans to raise interest in plant-based eating for the environment. But if you’re an omnivore starving while staring at a menu, it can be hard for the future of planet Earth to compete with the appeal of a big, juicy burger. “The language for meat, and beef in particular, just sounds so much more delicious,” says Daniel Vennard. And labels like “meat free,” “vegan” and “vegetarian” tend to be turnoffs for consumers. “People don’t create positive associations with how it’s going to taste and don’t feel it’s very indulgent.””


“Sheridan launches new program to recycle your old linens into new products”

“KonMari fever had everyone talking this year, and whether you love Marie Kondo’s methods ordisagree, the 2019 decluttering zeitgeist has brought some important issues to the fore. One such issue emerged more important than all others: how quick we are to throw things away or donate. Our collective blind spot, our ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality, is seriously hurting the planet. Reports began surfacing about good will and charity stores struggling with the spike in donations, and how most of the items sent there wind up in landfill anyway.”


“Eating meat has ‘dire’ consequences for the planet, says report”

“THERE’S AN ENTIRE industry built around dieting. Most of its products are intended to help people lose weight, gain muscle, or live longer. But as the global human population steadily climbs, scientists are scrambling to devise a diet plan that can feed 10 billion people by 2050. A new report, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, claims to do just that. It recommends a largely plant-based diet, with small, occasional allowances for meat, dairy, and sugar.”


“In a world drowning in trash, these cities have slashed waste by 80 percent”

“Little Kamikatsu was facing a big problem. The rural Japanese town of 1,500 residents didn’t know what it was going to do with its trash. Residents had always burned it, first in front of their homes or on the farms, then in a large community pit, then in an incinerator the government quickly banned out of fear of pollutants. The town didn’t have money for a newer, safer incinerator. It had to find a new way.”