“Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report”

"“Evidence for a changing climate abounds, from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans,” a draft of the report states."


“Does ‘Sustainability’ Help The Environment Or Just Agriculture’s Public Image?”

"The problems with nitrogen fertilizer start at its creation, which involves burning lots of fossil fuels. Then, when farmers spread it on their fields, it tends not to stay where it belongs. Rainfall washes some of it into streams and lakes, and bacteria in the soil feed on what's left, releasing a powerful greenhouse gas called nitrous oxide."


“Narwhals Are Helping NASA Understand Melting Ice and Rising Seas”

"Greenland’s ice cap holds beneath it 10 percent of the earth’s freshwater, enough to raise global sea levels by 20 feet. While there's no doubt it is melting, scientists have little certainty about exactly what's happening inside this 10,000-year-old ice roughly three times the size of Texas. Last winter was the warmest on record in the Arctic, and as Greenland heats up, understanding this glaciate has become essential to navigating our future."


“Why Jason McLennan is optimistic about regenerative buildings”

"When we build a green 'hub of activity,' it encourages students and also the faculty and university staff facility to change the way they look at things," McLennan said. "It proves that it’s possible, not different or strange."


“A Tiny Fraction of Oceans Could Satisfy The World’s Fish Demand”

"Farmed fish operations have often come with environmental degradation and problems with diseases and parasites. In recent years, however, the science and industry best practices have been refined. Now it's a matter of putting it into action in a thoughtful way that takes into account the needs of various communities."


“Why L.A. is coating its streets with material that hides planes from spy satellites”

"Climate change conjures up distant images of rising seas and cracking ice sheets, but in cities across the United States the effects of global warming are apparent as soon as you step outside."


“Green Roofs Are Getting a Big Trial in Hoboken”

"Still, daunting as the climate threat may be, the environmental benefits of green building and stormwater management are clear. Green roofs in particular have been shown to reduce rainwater runoff, filter pollutants, reduce energy usage and cool cities overall, diminishing the 'urban heat island effect.'"


“UK University creates solar generating glass bricks”

"Researchers from England’s University of Exeter have created a new technology they say “could revolutionise the construction industry”.

Academics from the Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Science department have developed a solar power technology that fits into glass blocks."


“Massive Wind Farm in Oklahoma Set to Become Nation’s Largest, Second Biggest in the World”

"American Electric Power (AEP) will invest $4.5 billion in a wind energy project in Oklahoma that could become the largest wind farm in the U.S., the utility announced Wednesday."