“Innovation in Sustainability Award-Winner Transforms Kansas City”

“ASCE has honored the Kansas City Downtown Streetcar with the 2017 Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Award for providing Kansas City with an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable transportation solution made possible by innovative technology and dedicated collaboration.”


“Outpost Natural Foods commits to fighting against climate change”

“Outpost Natural Foods is one of more than 80 different companies who have made the commitment and taken the global challenge to fight climate change by signing onto Climate Collaborative. Climate Collaborative is an initiative of the natural food industry. Their mission is to work collaboratively to catalyze bold action, amplify the voice of business and promote sound policy to reverse climate change.”


“The world’s first floating wind farm could be a game changer for renewable power”

“The world’s first floating wind farm has begun to produce power in Scotland. If the technology becomes cheaper, which developer Statoil says is only a matter of time, it will open up parts of the ocean previously considered too deep for stationary turbines.”


“Restoring U.S. Forests Can Help Solve Our Water Infrastructure Crisis”

Insuring people’s access to clean fresh water is a key component in creating a sustainable future. Here’s part of how to do that in the United States.


“Vail Announces Plan for ‘Zero Net Footprint’ by 2030”

“Vail Resorts announced July 25 they will “aggressively pursue” a company-wide sustainability commitment to zero net emissions by 2030, zero waste to landfill by 2030, and zero net operating impact to forests and habitats. “Everything we do at Vail Resorts is driven by the spectacular natural surroundings where our employees, guests, and communities live, work.”


“India’s New Solar Powered Train is the First in the World”

This type of advancement in public transportation – trains that are powered by solar – is a huge step towards sustainability. We need to be seeing this around the world!


“Finnish Icebreaker Sets Record for Earliest Northwest Passage Crossing”

“The once-forbidding route through the Arctic, linking the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, has been opening up sooner and for a longer period each summer due to climate change. Sea ice that foiled famous explorers and blocked the passage to all but the hardiest ships has slowly been melting away in one of the most visible effects of man-made global warming.”


“Marie Claire Launches First-Ever Sustainability Issue”

“Publications dedicated to eco-friendly fashion alternatives have cropped up for conscious consumers. But most mainstream glossies haven’t prioritized consistently getting that kind of information, which can be seen as a bit of a downer, in front of their readers. It’s this backdrop that makes Marie Claire’s decision to launch its first sustainability-focused issue noteworthy.”


“ViZn Energy Systems Enables 24/7 “Solar Nights” at Lowest Ever Published Cost”

“Now, utilities can add energy storage to a wind or solar farm at a lower price than coal-fired generation (6¢/kWh per Bloomberg New Energy Finance), paving a clear path toward 100 percent renewable penetration.”


“RE100 Reaches 100 Companies Committed to 100% Renewable Energy”

RE100 realized its goal of obtaining 100 members committed to 100% renewable power, including 30 Fortune 500 companies, three years ahead of schedule.