“Almost 90% of new power in Europe from renewable sources in 2016”

We need 100% of new energy to come from renewable sources in the very near future and we need to transition our other power sources to those that are renewable. But this is a good start on our way towards sustainability.


“Temperatures in the Arctic are skyrocketing — for the third time this winter”

“A powerful low-pressure storm system in the northern Atlantic has helped carry warm air up to the frozen north this week, sending temperatures in the Arctic soaring. Data from the Danish Meteorological Institute suggests that, as of Thursday, temperatures in the area above 80 degrees north latitude were already more than 20 degrees warmer than the average temperature for this time of year.”


“African penguins are being ‘trapped’ by climate change”

The effects of climate change on us and on other animals is not some distant concept for the future. Around the world, there are lots of places already being effected. One of those places is South Africa, where the African Penguin is having a difficult time coping with the changes.


“Goodbye Plastics: Lego Announces a huge change in the future of its toys”

Other companies must do he same as Lego and invest in research to find more sustainable materials to use in the effort to make HASTE!


“How Heat from the Sun Can Keep Us All Cool”

“Researchers and some energy experts say that this form of cooling — known as solar thermal — could help to slake the growing global demand for fuel to run energy-hungry air conditioning. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that by 2100, the need for electricity to power cooling will have surged to more than 30 times what it was in 2000.” Another innovation to help make the future sustainable.


“SunShot $1 per Watt Solar Cost Goal: Mission Accomplished, Years Ahead of Schedule”

“With the advent of $1.00-per-watt (DC) pricing for utility fixed-tilt PV systems, the solar industry has crushed the SunShot Program’s $1.00-per-watt goal for 2020 three years early.” This is good news for the solar industry and for renewable energy innovation.


“How bad is email for the environment?”

“How do our tech habits affect how much power we use and the environment? Finding an answer is harder than you may think. After all, the energy you use at your desk writing a typical email isn’t all the energy that an email uses.”


“As Climate Change Accelerates, Floating Cities Look Like Less of a Pipe Dream”

“An audacious plan to respond to climate change by building a city of floating islands in the South Pacific is moving forward, with the government of French Polynesia agreeing to consider hosting the islands in a tropical lagoon.” Innovative ways of dealing with the effects of climate change will be necessary in the very near future.


“Eco-friendly concrete created”

“Solidia Concrete products have superior strength and durability. They, combined with Solidia Cement, can reduce the carbon footprint of cement and concrete by up to 70 percent.” More innovation and invention such as this must happen in order to create a sustainable future.


“‘Planned Retreat’ Enters the Climate Dialogue”

“As sea levels rise, U.S. communities have several strategies to cope with the effects of climate change, the president of the National Academy of Sciences said yesterday.” Here is an explanation of some of those strategies.